Nez, the olfactory cultural movement - Nez le mouvement culturel olfactif

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Artificial intelligence – Jean-Christophe Hérault (IFF)

Artificial intelligence programs are gradually becoming part of the perfume development process. Jean-Christophe Hérault, senior perfumer at IFF, explains the implications of what is sometimes referred to as a revolution.

Veronique Nyberg - Mane

Choosing your palette – Véronique Nyberg (Mane)

Perfumers are often involved in selecting the ingredients that make up their company’s palette. Véronique Nyberg, perfumer and vice-president of fine fragrances at Mane, discusses this crucial mission.

Jonathan Warr - Takasago

From natural to synthetic – Jonathan Warr (Takasago)

An ever-growing number of innovations make it possible to obtain synthetic molecules from renewable resources. Explanations, with Jonathan Warr, Vice-President for Research & Development at Takasago.

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